Camera-specific memory cards for
creative professionals

CFexpress 2.0 Type B - for Highest Sustained 12K Recording

Camera technology has a wide gap to close before coming even close to exhausting the speed capabilities of CFexpress recording media. What you need is proven, reliable, sustained performance that can optimize the highest visual recording settings on up to 12K cameras.

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CFast 2.0 Cards - for Continuous Shooting and Extensive RAW Video Recording

As higher resolutions and even higher fps captures continue to break boundaries, CFast 2.0 has become the most widely compatible memory media, keeping pace with expanding professional digital camera technologies..

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SDXC Memory Cards - Fast, Reliable and Compatible

Today’s endless bit depth, high frame rates and high resolutions — 4K and beyond — require storage solutions that are just as advanced.

SD memory cards need to be fast, high-capacity, widely compatible and, of course, extremely reliable.

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Portable SSD - Protect your Data and Optimize your Mobile Workflow

Our lives are busier than ever and we're always on the move. The technology we carry with us — those indispensable devices that go where we go — must be rugged, reliable and easy to take along. And a touch of style never hurts.

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