Gareth Shelton

I see the potential of this system in a wide range of applications, from regular consumers to high profile users.

Gareth Shelton
Sound and Broadcast Deputy Manager, Royal Opera House London

Interview with Gareth Shelton

33 year old Gareth Shelton has been with the Royal Opera House for the past 14 years. He has worked as sound and broadcast department manager and catalyst programmer at Covent Garden, specializing for the last 8 years in working with visuals and the catalyst software. Gareth is familiar with Pyramix and ProTools and the like. He started working with digital media when he was a student.

Q:What do you like about our products?


I found the access time and data throughput of Angelbird's system guarantees the playback of several high definition video files at the same time, which is fabulous and prevents drops of frames during playback.

Q:How did you get to know the products?


I had asked the festival's video department for a computer that meets certain specs for me to work as catalyst programmer and operator on the opera “Achterbahn (Miss Fortune)” by Judith Weir at the Bregenzer Festspiele with video designer Leigh Sachwitz of flora and faunavisions from Berlin.

When I got there and saw this “strange” card, I was a bit startled as I have never seen anything like it, but after looking it up on the internet and testing the computer for the first time, the unique Angelbird concept had me hooked.

I really think the possible expansion of the Wings card to the performance needed is just perfect; a customization option that is very useful and easy to assemble. The use of more SSDs in a software RAID array is very convenient and helps tackle high performance tasks.

Q:What is your impression?


Despite the heavy load setup it was 100% reliable over the course of 5 weeks, so very good value for money. I can recommend it for catalyst users and people who ask for fast and reliable data content. The flexibility of the system is great; it can be extended perfectly to what is needed. I see the potential of this system in a wide range of applications, from regular consumers to high profile users. In the past I've used a SCSI hard-disk for this task, but it simply can't get close to this system, which is far superior.

Gareth Shelton
Sound and Broadcast Deputy Manager

Royal Opera House
Covent Garden, London