CeCe Rogers

This beautiful little baby is not only gorgeous but fast! I mean crazy fast!

CeCe Rogers
Composer / Producer / Singer

RMB and House Music Legend

This beautiful little baby is not only gorgeous but fast! I mean crazy fast! One thing I really like about it is how flawlessly apps work in the background without any hickups to your current apps. You literally do not notice any I/O hangups... it's awesome.

I've been using my Angelbird SSD for quite a while. I didn't believe I would be able to actually use a external USB3 SSD drive with my VST Instruments. At first I had a problem loading. I got around my instrument loading problem by switching to a mode that allows me to only load the attack portion of each sample to RAM and stream the remainder from the drive. Since SSDs excel at rapid access times (around 0.2 ms read access for the Angelbird, versus around 5 ms for my other SDD) and random reads, this works far better than it did with any other SDD I tried it on and gives me performance parity with simply loading the entire huge file into memory. Since I couldn't have reasonably done this before I got my Angelbird, I can't in honesty say I have any complaints about my new drive.

Please note that I have two Macs. A 17inch late 2010 model which has a 960GB SSD installed and my MacBook Air that has a 480GB SSD. I don't know why my Angelbird out performs my other SSD but this is what I get:

  • Faster bootup
  • Faster program launches
  • Snappier performance (e.g. smoother multitasking, better UI responsiveness, etc)
  • Faster Internet page loads
  • Faster program installation
  • An overall feeling of improved feedback and responsiveness (kind of everything listed above rolled together)

Angellbird Rocks!!

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