Mobile SSD drive
with up to 460MB/s
USB3 with full 5Gbit/s

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SSD2go: Elegance.

What is SSD2go?

SSD2go is the fastest and best portable drive on the market. With stunning real world transfer speeds of up to 460MB/s, it will transform your mobile workflow at the office or at home, from gaming up to the most sophisticated professional applications.

Quality is our passion

The SSD2go is built using only the highest quality components, starting with the finest anodized aluminum casing and built-in top spec electronics. With elegance, laser engraving and availability in a wide range of colors, SSD2go sets the new standard in quality.

Make it yours

Style it the way you like. Using the configurator in our shop, you can style the SSD2go with up to 64 color combinations.

Maximum data safety

To ensure maximum safety of your work and data we engineered a dedicated power circuit, which includes overload and static protection and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), a four second power backup which will shut down the drive safely in the event of a power loss.

USB SuperSpeed

All SSD2go models are fully compatible with USB 3.0 5Gbit/s and USB 2.0. This gives you the super speed you need for even the most demanding applications.


A minimum 3 years warranty is provided for all SSD2go models.

Green Technology

SSD2go is also fully recyclable and due to the built in backup circuit your data is extremely safe.

Choose your capacity

SSD2go is available in 128, 256 and 512GB capacity, as well as the SSD2go pocket >

"The Angelbird SSD2Go USB 3.0 External SSD seems to have created its own place in the industry as the only that has truly ventured to understand the need for performance of an external device by media professionals."
Les Tokar,

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Technical Specifications

General Specifications

TypePortable USB 3 SSD drive
ConnectivityFull Size USB 3.0 5Gbit/s
Warranty3 Years
Target UserConsumer, Power User from Home, Gaming to Business
POSAngelbird Web-Shop, Wholesale Partners, OEM Partners
Standard Capacity128/256/512 GB
Operating temperature (load)30°C to 35°C
Size127mm x 66mm x 10mm (5.0" x 2.59" x 0.39")

Detailed Specifications

FeaturesIn-drive UPS, Overload protection, TCG OPAL
Auto-TRIM, ECC, RAISE, EMS protection, Builtin cache, SMART1
FlashGrade A Micron® or Intel® Synchronous MLC
ControllerSandForce® SF-2281/2282 Series
Sustained Read speedUp to 460MB/s
Sustained Write speedUp to 460MB/s
Access Time< 0.1ms
MTBF> 2,000,000 hours

1 SMART Support on OS X requires a driver.
  • The fastest portable drive available, packed with unique features.
  • USB 3.0 with real world speeds of up to 460MB/s.
  • Works with your Mac, PC, Linux or portable device.
  • Engineered, manufactured and built with passion in Austria.