About Angelbird

Pioneering the development of new technologies.

Angelbird Technologies GmbH is a hi-tech company based in Vorarlberg, which although the smallest province of Austria, has an international reputation as a region of pioneering and innovation. The company’s headquarters is in the town of Lustenau surrounded by mountains and close to the border of Switzerland and Germany. The team behind Angelbird is young, experienced and passionate, with a love for quality and attention to detail.

Angelbird products are developed with the environment in mind.

Roman Rabitsch

Contact Details

Angelbird Technologies GmbH Headquarter

Angelbird Technologies GmbH
Millennium Park 6
6890 Lustenau
Tel: +43 5577 21515
Fax: +43 5577 21515 99
Email: info@angelbird.com
VAT Nr. ATU66365211

Angelbird Austria Distribution

Target Distribution GmbH
Straßenhäuser 59
6842 Koblach
Tel: +43 5523 54871
Fax: +43 5523 54873
Email: info@target-distribution.com

Angelbird USA Distribution

Eleven Dimensions Media
40 Fourth Street
#259 Petaluma
CA 94952
Tel: +1 707-981-4833
Web: www.11dmedia.com
Email: info@11dmedia.com

Angelbird France Contact

3 rue Jacques Delille
92140 Clamart
Tel: +33 (0)146082090
Email: bg@di-dea.com

Angelbird Italy Contact

Rekeo divisione di Techne Security - S.r.l.n
Via Carlo Sigonio n.50/A
41124 Modena (Mo)
Tel: +39 059 415 611
Web: www.rekeo.it
Email: info@rekeo.it

Angelbird Swiss Distribution

MusicNetwork AG
Lerzenstrasse 8
CH-8953 Dietikon
Tel: +41 44 454 20 30
Email: info@musicnetwork.ch

Angelbird Germany Distribution

Paulsdorfferstr. 34
D-81549 München
Tel: +49 89 693 991 50
Email: info@vision2see.de

Angelbird Benelux Distribution

Mafico Pro
Weg en Bos 2
2661 DH Bergschenhoek
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 10 - 414 84 26
Web: www.mafico.com
Email: info@mafico.com